Monday, April 20, 2009

Raj targets IPL players

Lying low for several days after his arrest in February, Raj Thackeray - the flamboyant chief of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is making a comeback - leading his party into their first Lok Sabha election.

At a rally organized for MNS candidate, Ranjit Shirole, in Pune, Raj spoke in his characteristic style.

"They are conducting the IPL matches during elections. Are the Indian players not voters? They have taken away the players' voting right and expect others in the country to vote,” he said.

Raising his voice yet again against north Indian migrants to cities in the state, Raj called upon his supporters to elect a leader with the cause of Maharashtra at heart.

However, NCP chief and Prime Ministerial aspirant Sharad Pawar didn't find favour with the MNS chief.

"If I understand the politics Sharad Pawar plays, I will quit politics. No one understands what he's doing. Why should we support Pawar as Marathi PM? Did he suddenly realise he was Marathi?" he said.

After repeatedly being dismissed as a gimmick politician, Raj Thackeray has finally made an appeal for votes in Maharashtra's cultural capital.

It is believed that though the party may not produce an MP in these elections, Raj's main aim is to get a substantial number of votes and make his presence felt in major cities of Maharashtra.

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