Monday, May 11, 2009

Will McCullum resign as captain of KKR ?

Will Brendon McCullum live up to the claim he made and resign as captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the DLF Indian Premier League? Well, that's what he was asked after yet another loss to Delhi Daredevils. here are his answers.

On resigning: At the moment, all that I am focusing on is the next few games. Trying to do whatever I can, try as hard as I well possibly can to get something going. I was proud of today's effort, I thought the guys tried worked real hard. Disappointing that we didn't win, but I thought the effort and intensity on the field with the ball was fantastic. So if we can get a score of around of 120 it was great too. I know I mentioned that a couple of games ago and that is something that I have got to look at. Work out with the coaching staff next year, what the goal is. But whatever happens I will be totally committed to Kolkata Knight Riders and helping to get us get some results in the future that we all are immensely proud of.

On whether it is bad luck or bad execution: (Brendon actually, you called him Brian, KKR Director of Cricket John Buchanan tells the journalist) Brilliant.. a bit of both. When things are going for you, you get the luck. Things obviously aren't going for us at the moment. And we are not getting the luck go our way. There are other areas that come into play. Tonight we were little bit unlucky to be three down early on. I think it was obviously frustrating to lose an early wicket, the manner in which it was lost. And I guess it put us on the back foot. Little things like that..nicks going between the slips, having the fielder at third slip rather than first slip. Just little things like that..that doesn't seem to go your way. When you are hoping that it would. I think we can play better, that's for sure. In terms of luck, it is certainly not going our way at the moment.

On why KKR have slipped this time: It's hard to put your finger (on any one thing). We haven't played well at all..I guess consistently well across the board during each game. We get our batting going well and our bowling and fielding lets us down. We get our bowling going well and our batting lets us down. We are not consistent across all the areas of the game. Certainly not because of lack of trying, guys out there trying as hard as we possibly can. Unfortunately things aren't going our way. But we have just got to stay up, stay as hopeful, and I guess be as committed and positive as what we can do. At some point it will swing, you don't stay down forever. You just got to keep getting up and, at some point, luck and results will swing our way. I guess hopefully that's sooner rather than later. But we have just got to stay buoyant throughout.

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