Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gilly is a good captain says RP Singh

And now, the young medium pacer is making his presence felt in the ongoing IPL 2 in South Africa, becoming one of the leading wicket takers in the tournament. Hardly surprising, considering that he was the bowler with the second highest number of wickets in his kitty in the inaugural T20 World Cup, also played in SA. So, what is the secret of his success? Laughing aloud, he says, “Just keep it simple and follow the basics.” As an
afterthought, he adds, “It is important to identify the weak points of the batsmen.”

And will a good IPL season mean a recall to the Indian squad for the T20 World Cup? “I don’t know about my chances. I’m just working on my deliveries and trying to be accurate. I’m utilizing the time to become a better bowler,” he says. But he also knows that luck plays a role. “You need luck,” says the player, who knows how difficult it is to make a comeback in Team India: “I was not in the team for the New Zealand series. Out of a population of 100 million, only 15 make it to the team!”

Coming back to the IPL, RP Singh’s squad, Team Hyderabad, is doing well. “We are hoping to play in the finals,” says the bowler. What surprises many, is the transformation his team has undergone since last season. He reasons, “The players are the same. We are working as a tightly knit unit. Last year, we lost some close games. This year, we managed to win even in tight situations.”

But has a change in captaincy made a difference? “Gilly is a good captain. We follow a plan. He has vast experience and it is working to our advantage.” Playing under Adam Gilchrist sure is a boon for the Team India bowler: “Gilly said I have the talent to succeed. I need to be more accurate so that I can serve India for as long as I can.” Encouraging words, for sure!

So, did life change for him after IPL Season I? RP Singh quips, “More than the IPL, life changed for me after the T20 World Cup. Suddenly, I found fame and money coming my way.” But the bowler from UP has managed to keep a cool head. “I have not changed as a person. I’m humble and will stay true to my roots,” justifies RP Singh.

The eligible bachelor is all smiles when you ask him about marriage proposals. “Yes, shaadi ke offers keep coming,” he smiles coyly, adding, “But right now, I’m focussing on my game. My parents won’t pressurise me to settle down because they know that cricket takes up all my energy and time,” RP Singh signs off. Well, that explains the impressive statistics on the field!

[the article was originally published at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Entertainment/Gilly-is-a-good-captain-RP-Singh/articleshow/4482811.cms]

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