Tuesday, May 12, 2009

“Raj must have my nail marks on his arms”

If you don’t know anything about cricket but still go ahead and buy an IPL team (strictly to stay in the news and make some moolah), what can you do to make it look like you are crazy about the game? Lace your words with plenty of emotion, of course!

That’s exactly what Shilpa Shetty is doing, apart from flashing an unwavering smile constantly. So now we’re all suffering from an emotional overdose. Just see the sentiments and words she’s been throwing at us...

“It’s terrible to play against a friend’s (Shah Rukh Khan) team but all’s fair in love and cricket, I guess” Shilpa’s blog.

“Obviously it’s a game and we all want to win. However, there is a lot of camaraderie between us. We care for each other and even party together” On how much she, Preity and SRK love each other.

“I did go to meet Shah Rukh on the field but he had already left. Actually, it’s quite awkward to meet someone you know especially when you have won and the other person has lost. But then, we have been friends for too many years to let anything like that come between us” After Rajasthan Royals beat the Kolkata Knight Riders.

“But as we won, I was standing on a chair, screaming and shouting with two people trying to hold me. Raj must have several nail marks on his arms” After winning against the Delhi Daredevils.

“It was a fun day... Graeme (Smith) taught me how to bat and Shane (Warne) taught me how to spin the ball! We played for a bit and after I ran four times between the wickets I was gasping for breath” Shilpa’s blog.

We are sure you can’t bear the torture anymore, so we’re stopping right here!

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