Monday, May 11, 2009

South Africa coach Micket Arthur worried about SA cricketers

South African cricket coach Mickey Arthur is worried about his players suffering burnout ahead of next month’s Twenty20 World Cup in England because of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).

“I have it in the back of my head all the time that the boys could burn out during the IPL before the tournament (in England),” Arthur told the Afrikaans weekly Rapport here.

“The last thing I want is to take a team that is burnt out to England. That is why I am in regular contact with them and plead with them that they should condition themselves in a way that will ensure that there is still petrol in the tank for the tournament in England.”

Arthur said he was very proud of the performance of the South African players in the eight IPL franchise teams: “They are among the big stalwarts in their respective teams.

“I have been particularly impressed by the way in which they have taken on the responsibility to win the matches for their sides.”

Arthur appealed to his players to give him their best for just three weeks more in the England series, after which they could “go and relax for two months and forget about cricket altogether”.

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