Monday, May 11, 2009

Fake IPL blogger: All Rubbish?

My editor mailed me the other day asking me to do a piece on the "big buzz" of IPL-2, the 'fake player' blog. So, here I go, though, heart of hearts, I would rather stay off this, but then, the Editor's wishes are my command!

The TG (Today's Generation) simply loves this fake player blog going by the eyeballs and responses. I wasn't aware of this blog until a couple of weeks back when a friend mentioned it and urged me to take a look which I did at the first opportunity.

My initial reaction was one of shock at the content, the language and the sheer gossip. Truth to tell, I quite enjoyed the racy style of writing, but then, I said to myself that the blogger, who obviously has had good education, could have put the skill to better use than indulge in innuendos.

The internet offers unparalleled and convenient anonymity that this blogger has willfully exploited without a care in the world. However, I am sure, with some diligence, the blogger's code can be cracked and the writer identified. But then, it depends on how much credence you wish to subscribe to the blogger's writings. Some of my journalist friends, who are clued into the murkier side of cricket, have already speculated on the identity (some claim they have) of the blogger. A theory doing the rounds is that this blogger is not even part of the KKR team!

In any case, the blogger has said he (I presume it's a male) would identify himself on conclusion of the IPL. He has even cleverly put up a poll seeking the reader's votes on whether he should disclose his identify or remain anonymous. The poll also offers a few other choices that I would rather not mention here!

I do not like to get judgmental, but for the sake of this article, here are some of my thoughts:

One, the blog caters to our base instincts and voyeurism since the posts talk about the nocturnal activities of not just the players, but also the commentators and a few others who are closely involved in the IPL.

Two, the blogger dwells on team meetings, telephone calls, personal equations within the team without identifying the persons he mentions. Rather, he has tagged these persons with nicknames through which you can easily identify these worthies provided of course, you are clued in on the subject.

Three, the blogger has not cloaked himself in morality and in fact, justifies his "disclosures" by saying he is giving what the reader wants while being unmindful of the fact that in doing so, he is ratting on his mates. That, to me, is absolutely unforgiveable act of treachery and breach of trust (if you are serious about team sport, then you will know what I mean). I can sense a lot of bitterness that is never far from the surface.

Four, how much of truth is there in these posts? The blogger himself admits that he got his "facts" wrong on a few occasions, but attributes it to a deliberate ploy on part of the management just to prove the blogger wrong!

In conclusion, I would say that this blogger has succeeded in opening a can of worms. To be honest, I have never been a great fan of the KKR whose coach, John Buchannan has been as much responsible for the team's downfall as any player with his crazy theories and ejecting Ganguly from captaincy. Perhaps, it is time he junked his laptop.

The point is that these issues, as well as his own personal grouses (whatever they are), have provided the 'fake blogger' ammunition to fire the gun from an anonymous shoulder.

To say the least, this 'fake blogger' thing is likely to remain a mystery as to the identity of the author and his motives. Personally, it is a 'time pass' and one of those 'True confessions..' variety. But if you have a taste for such writings and snippets, then by all means, enjoy!

Having said that, I pray that this blog is not a harbinger of low-class e-journalism. Old fashioned you might call me, but I would like some sanctity (or what is left of it) of this game that I dearly love to be preserved and cherished.

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