Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Security for IPL? Its a national shame - Jaitley

Ahmedabad: Pulling up the UPA government for not providing security to the IPL cricket matches, BJP national general secretary Arun Jaitley said that the Union government's move has raised serious doubts on the security of all public gatherings including festivals and other public events.

Speaking at the 'Friends of BJP' meet at Thakorebhai Desai hall at Law garden on Saturday, Jaitely supported Narendra Modi's stand of inviting IPL to Gujarat. He said, "Not providing security to the IPL matches is a national shame." Ridiculing the IPL venue shift to Britain as ridiculous, Jaitley questioned if public events like Navaratri too will organised on foreign soil. "India is now compared with Pakistan when the issue comes to organising sports events. Britain has already withdrawn from a badminton tournament to be held here," he stated.

"The Manmohan Singh-led UPA government has failed to take certain policies and decisions for the security and development of the country," he alleged. He said that immediately after slowdown set in these countries, USA and Britain took certain proactive actions to counter it, but that the UPA government failed to do so even when recession is knocking on our doors," Jaitely accused. Talking about the delimitation, Jaitley said, "Delimitation of the election constituencies has been done for the first time after 1971 and there is now 35 % population living in the urban areas.During the next delimitation exercise in 2026, urban areas will house over 50 to 60% population.
Therefore, prominent people will have to join in active politics for the development of country."

Coming down heavily on laws such as Tada and Pota as well as on matters of national security, Jaitely said, "Tada was misused upon farmers during the Chimanbhai Patel' regime and was repealed right after 1993 Mumbai bomb blast. The UPA government also repealed Pota even after terrorists attacked the parliament and Akshardham temple. The Congress is playing vote bank politics by sacrificing national security."

However, even while firing salvos on rival Congress, the BJP leader skirted on the party's own sticky issuesof Maya Kodnani and BJP's Hindutva agenda with the plea that the former is an issue between the SIT and the judiciary, while he ducked the latter stating: "If you want to create controversy, I can't help you."

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